National & State Legislators

We put our "Public Servants" on our website for easy access for you “the Veteran” to voice your concerns or questions directly to them. These are the people (that we the people elected) who actually vote for or write the laws that the Veterans Administration (VA) or Minnesota Department of Veteran Affairs (MN DVA) regulate. So if you have a concern with the current laws with the Federal Code of Regulations (FCR) Title 38 or the Minnesota Statues, please contact them for change, upgrade, or your political opinion.

Minnesota Senators

  • U.S Senator Amy Klobuchar
  • U.S Senator Al Franken

U.S. Representative Rick Nolan

Rick Nolan portrait

Additional Information

If you don't know who your local State Senator or State Representative is or you do know them but you don't have a contact address, phone, fax, or email, find either below and you be able to find the information needed to contact them!