Child Support

The Child Support Division encourages the health and well-being of children, and the financial stability of families as a whole. Carlton County Child Support and Collections works with both parents to establish and enforce support orders.

Estate Collections

Under Minnesota Statute 256B.15

If a person receives Medical Assistance, upon the person’s death the amount of Medical Assistance paid shall be filed as a Claim against the estate of the deceased person. These claims against the estate are to reimburse the Medical Assistance program.

These claims take priority over a will and any wishes of the deceased.

Real Estate - At the time of Medical Assistance application, if there is real estate, a Medical Lien is placed on the property. At the time of death, the County may open a probate estate in order to sell the property and reimburse the Medical Assistance program. Any proceeds from the sale of the property that exceed the amount of Medical Assistance expended is distributed under the Court’s supervision to the appropriate beneficiaries.

Fraud Investigations

The County Human Service Agency determines eligibility and the amount of benefits for individuals applying for child care assistance, medical assistance, food benefits, cash aid or emergency assistance. After benefits are issued, new information may indicate that there is a need to do a reassessment of eligibility and/or the benefit amount. A fraud investigation may be necessary when:

  • An individual in the community files a report that they believe a public assistance recipient is not correctly reporting all their income, assets, residence, or household composition.
  • Conflicting data is received from other government agencies.

The Welfare Fraud Investigator will conduct an investigation in order to obtain accurate information and data regarding the situation in question. The investigation may reveal unreported or incorrect reporting of income, assets, residence or household composition. This may result in the determination of overpayments of public assistance benefits and/or prosecution of fraudulently obtaining public assistance.

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