Remote Camera Monitoring

Through remote camera monitoring efforts the Land Department hopes to better understand how wild animals respond to forest and habitat management. Camera survey stations work year round to collect information about how wildlife use county lands. Insights from the data will be used to inform management decisions and are shared with local natural resource agencies. In some cases our survey data contributes to ongoing research efforts of our collaborating organizations including the Natural Resources Research Institute, Minnesota DNR wildlife division, and Fon du lac Natural Resources. If you are interested in following these cameras as they snap photos of wildlife on county land, visit the Land Department’s Facebook page.

Mother and Cub

A black bear sow and cub in Twin Lakes Township

Deer Fawn

A white tail deer doe and fawn in Clear Creek Township

Fisher Nest Box Sm-2053

An artificial nesting box for use by fisher (Martes pennanti)

Fisher and Nest Box

A fisher investigates the nesting box