Engineering Division

County Engineer:  JinYeene Neumann

Assistant County Engineer:  Rick Norrgard

Comprised of design, survey and construction inspection personnel, the people that make up this division are highly trained, skilled and have necessary certifications to carry out these duties. They must go through training refresher courses every five years to maintain their certifications in the various aspects of design, survey and construction.

Staff members in the Engineering Division are Minnesota Department of Transportation Certified Technicians in the areas of grading, base, aggregates, bituminous and concrete materials testing and inspection as well as erosion and sediment control and take roles as Project Representatives on grading, bridge or bituminous projects.


Jordan Wagner heads the two person survey crew. Jordan Wagner and Bridgette Kelleher use electronic survey equipment to gather information on the existing conditions, layout and topography of a construction corridor. The survey crew performs the construction surveys and staking on projects which provides the contractors with the necessary alignments, layouts and elevations to construct the roadway or bridge according to the plans and specifications.


Greg Thompson leads the computer aided drafting and design (CADD) team as Principle Designer. He works closely with Kaitlin Schilla, Highway Tech II, to get survey information into computer software programs for highway design. They work within guidelines and design standards established by the County Engineer and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. A proposed horizontal and vertical alignment or layout is overlaid on the existing conditions. This basic design can then be tweaked and modified to minimize impacts to the environment and properties along the construction corridor, yet meet current design and safety standards.


The Senior Highway Technician position is Alex Bresina. This is the Department’s representative on construction projects. The experience and knowledge is in the areas of soils and road construction operations. Methods are used to ensure that contractors are complying with the plans, specifications and provisions of the contract.


William Bomier, Permits Agent, gathers background information needed to complete the applications for the various regulatory permits needed for construction and maintenance operations carried out by the Department. They also prepare the documents needed for right-of-way acquisition on construction project corridors and works with property owners throughout the acquisition process.