Maintenance Division

Road maintenance is a year-round, ongoing operation. The Department is responsible for maintenance, repairs and snow and ice control on approximately 880 miles of roadway in Carlton County. This mileage consists of 487 miles of County Roads and County State-Aid Highways and 43 miles of unorganized township roads under our jurisdiction. The Department also assists most townships in maintaining 350 miles of their roads. There are 372 miles of bituminous surfaced roadways (298 County, 74 Township) and 452 miles of gravel surfaced roadways (186 County, 266 Township).


Some of the summer maintenance operations on bituminous roadways are crack filling, pothole repairs, larger surface repairs and aggregate shouldering. Gravel roads need blading, pothole repairs and resurfacing with gravel. Maintenance operations that are done on all roadways include, ditch repairs, slope repairs, culvert replacements and tree, brush and weed control.


During the winter months, snow and ice control, is a critical operation to keep the roads open and passable. Crews are often out early in the morning to open and clear roads for commuters, school buses and emergency vehicles.


The Department has a fleet of 10 tandem dump trucks with winter plows, wings and blades, 9 motor graders with winter plows and wings as the major pieces in carrying out summer and winter maintenance operations. It is supplemented by 22 pickups that are used by engineering and maintenance personnel. We also have a sign truck, survey truck, street sweepers, culvert steamers and many other pieces of equipment necessary to complete the various tasks required in the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, trails and airports under our jurisdiction.


This fleet is maintained by a crew of four mechanics and two shop helpers located in two main shops in Carlton and Barnum. This crew of experienced, trained and certified personnel also maintains the fleet of sheriff’s vehicles and other vehicles owned by the County.