Carlton County Plat Book

About the Plat Books

The new 2021 Carlton County Land Atlas and Plat Book is now available and is being sold as a fundraiser for the Carlton County 4-H program. The new plat book displays parcel boundaries, acreage data, roadways, waterways, railways, section lines, municipal boundaries, and an index to owners. An aerial map lies opposite each township parcel map. Latitude/longitude grids for GPS reference are also provided along with a rural addressing grid.

Plat books are a great reference tool not only for landowners, but for business owners as well. It is a necessary reference guide for industries such as agriculture, land development, hunting, real estate, utilities, municipal government, and much more.


The new plat books are available for purchase from the Carlton County Extension office at 317 Chestnut Street in Carlton. The books are priced at $40. For more information, call 218-384-3511.